BlogSpy 221: Best of Software Testing Blogs from the Last Week

The latest in software testing blog posts from the testing blogosphere. The Huddle Blogspy report features the best of Software Testing blogs from the last week.  Browse the most popular blogs on testing. This week we feature posts on regression testing, getting rid of unwanted tests and more.


Tips for Conference Attendees – 1st Time Delgates | Ronan

Looking for some tips for attending a major conference? This post is for first-time delegates to a new conference. If you are looking for recommendations on what to do and how to make the best out of your time, then you might pick up some tips here.

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Where Did All The Women Go? | James Thomas

A post from James on his recent attendance with his children at an exhibition on women in computing and in particular, gaming. James reflects on the role and perceived role of women as gamers and as software professionals as well.

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How to Get Rid of Tests (Smartly) | Dave Westerveld

Dave shares why he thinks why too much of a good thing like automation tests can turn out to be bad for you. He suggests a few activities that can help you clean up your tests.

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How To Manage Knowledge Work | Matt Heusser

What is the best procedure to manage knowledge workers (i.e. workers who’s role requires them to think fore a living)? This post looks at a recent book on the issues and how best to motivate these type of workers.

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