BlogSpy 220: Best of Software Testing Blogs from the Last Week

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Bring you the latest in testing blog posts from the blogosphere. The Huddle Blogspy Report browse the most popular blogs on testing to bring you the best of software testing blog posts from the past week. This week we feature posts on becoming a freelance tester, Performance testing tools and more.


Top Performance Testing Tools | Jovie Sylvia

A guide to some of the most common performance testing tools around. This post looks at each of the tools and is a useful guide to the features of each.


On Why and How I Became a Freelancer | Bas Dijkstra

After many have been getting in touch with Bas on how to become freelance in test automation. In this post he explains how he moved into work as a test consultant and the benefits of working for yourself.

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Selenium Conference Berlin 2017 Recap | Ekaterina Budnikov

Katja shares some of the sketch notes she created while attending the Selenium Conference that was held in Berlin recently.

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Karlo writes about his experience with UI test automation that he has been applied in various projects that he has worked on.

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3 Ways to Plan Testing | Simon Knight

Simon shares a number of ways to go about test planning including risk, heuristic and session based strategies for planning testing.

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The Third Way | Josh Grant

Another post on UI Automation. Josh argues that there is more ways to build up automated end-to-end/ UI tests than what you might expect.

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Can you program a Manual Tester? | Steve Cross

Steve looks at the popularity of the test engineer role and asks if there is a place for the manual tester and if so, what is it?

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