Blogspy 200: The Best Software Testing Blogs List of Best Posts This Week

Welcome to the weekly edition of the Huddle Blogspy in which we round up the latest posts from software testing bloggers this week. This week we feature posts on service virtualisation, popups in Selenium, testing strategies and more.


How To Selenium: How to Handle Popups In Selenium | Mark Collin

The latest post in the How to Series focuses on popups in Selenium. There are a range of pop-ups. This post providers a definitions of different popups, show you how to handle Popup in Selenium Webdriver and show you how to automate them, and a few gotchas as well.

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The Bug Reporting Spectrum | Justin Rohrman

“Bug reporting is a skilled activity that can either enable faster delivery or jam up a development group, making them slower. I will explain why reporting is hard, what skilled reporting looks like and why it doesn’t always have to be done through a reporting system.”

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Service Virtualization For IoT And API’s: Hacking Alexa | Chantal Wauters

With the rise of IoT,  service virtualisation  has become a critical part of the testing for such software. In this post, Chantal shares why it is so important using Amazon’s Alexa as an example.

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What’s the “Right” Term for an Agile Transition or Transformation? | Johanna Rothman

Is there a correct term for the transition to agile approaches? Johanna ponders on this and offers some suggested answers.

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Experience-Based Testing Strategies | Oleksii Burdin

Based on his experience in testing, Oleksii shares some approaches to testing that he uses that he has learned from his years in testing.

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16 Mindful Work Breaks (And When To Take Them) | G. John Cole

Breaking up your work day with time-outs has generally been shown to improve productivity. So instead of siting at the desk, you should be thinking about taking a break every now and again. Here are some suggestions of the kind of breaks you could take.

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