Blogspy 190: The Latest Round-Up of Software Testing and Software QA Blogs

In the Huddle blog round-up of software QA blogs this week we feature posts on why attending Testing Conferences is good for you, Certification, myths of software testing, Karate tool and more.


Fact Checking: Is Testing Certification Worth it for Getting A Job?

Albert explains why he is against test certification and addresses the pro certification arguments and his thoughts on these arguments made by others.

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Improving your Craftsmanship through Conferences

How can attending a Conference benefit you as a tester? Looking from the viewpoint both as a speaker and as a delegate, Bas shares some ways that you can get more from a Conference than just attending the sessions.

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My Favourite Podcasts – Christian Kram

Podcasts have increased in popularity in the last couple of years. The Software Testing area is no exception. Here Christian reveals his favourite software testing podcasts and why he likes them so much.

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Karate a Rest Test Tool: Basic API Testing – Joe Colantonio

Joe discusses a new tool he came across recently. Karate is a open-source API testing tool that helps with testing web and REST services API’s in Java. Here Joe shares a quick look at using Karate and compares it to REST.

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Myths of Software Testing – Pavan Kumar

What are the misconceptions and myths of software testing? In this post Pavan attempts to explore these myths and why they have prevailed.

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Stop Telling Testers to Prevent Issues – Cassandra H Leung

Cassandra argues that by testers suggesting to others that testers prevent issues, testers contribute to the misconception of what testers actually do.

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The Moment when it Clicks – Joris Meerts

We all recognise this. You are getting more and more frustrated with a tool or task and then suddenly everything starts to fall into place. This was what happened to Joris using Kibana. Here he explains his breakthrough and why he thinks it happened.

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