Blogspy 189: Weekly Software Testing and QA Blog Digest

This week in our Huddle blog round-up of our highlights from software testing and QA blogs from the last week we feature posts on parsing with Groovy, mob testing, mobile device labs, crazy tests and more.


How To… SoapUI: Parsing With Groovy – Brendan Connolly

Brendan shares how two classes XmlSlurper and JsonSlurper that are built in to Groovy can make parsing xml and json for logging, transfers and assertions clean and easy.

Read More on Parsing with Groovy here


A Mob Testing Experience – Maaret Pyhäjärvi

Maaret describes her Mob testing experience with two application developers, two test developers and two all-around test specialists in a five hour session that threw up some interesting thoughts for her.

Read More about Mob Testing here


BDD, Refactoring And Continuous Integration – Laurent Py

Laurent shares how his team have moved to Continuous Integration and how the team has intergrated Behaviour Driven Development into their Continuous Integration process.

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Teaching Testing to High School Girls – Helena Jeret-Mäe

How do you structure a workshop for teenage girls on software testing? In this post Helena describes how she developed a workshop for girls as part of the Digigirls event in Estonia.

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Managing A Mobile Device Lab – Robert Bayer

Robert share some insights from managing a mobile device lab for testing on mobile and based on his own experiences, shares some tips on how to best manage a lab.

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What’s The Craziest Test You Always Perform? – Brian Noggle

So what is an unconventional test that you like to go back to that others might not think of. Brain explains his favourite and why he users it.

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Is agile Alive? Dead? Misunderstood? – Augusto Evangelisti

Is it dead? Augusto was looking for some feedback on this last week. He reports here on some of the responses he got to the suggestion that it might be dead.

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When automation goes horribly wrong – Gojko Adzic

An excerpt from Gojko upcoming book “Computer Says No” looks at how a software bug can have a big effect on people’s everyday lives.

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