Blogspy 178: Featuring the best posts from the software testing Blogosphere

Welcome to this week’s Blog Spy, our round-up of the best software testing blog posts from the last week. This week we share stories on Performing Testing terms, REST without WADL, is BDD testing and more.

How to write 180 blog posts in a year – Maaret Pyhäjärvi

If youre ambition in the new year is to start a software testing blog, you might want to read Maaret’s experiences on writing all those blog posts on software testing.

Read More here

How to test with SOAP UI: REST without WADL – Brendan Connolly

Each month Brendan delves into common SOAP UI problems. This month he is tackling the issue of REST without WADL.

Read about using REST without WADL here


Why I Don’t Report Bugs – Cassandra H. Leung

Casssndra reveals why she doesnt report bugs that she comes across in her everyday life and discusses whether we should be reporting them or not.

Read More about Not Reporting Bugs here


Performance Testing Terminologies – 

Looking for a decent list of performance testing common phrases and terminologies? Well look no further as Amir has compiled a through but not complete list of common terms.

Read More about Performance Testing Terminologies


Is BDD Testing? A model for testers – Mark Winteringham

Mark was sceptical of BDD testing at first but decided to learn more about the area. After some dedicated research, he has come up with his own model of what BDD testing is.

Read More about BDD Testing


The Future of Continuous Testing – Francis Adanza

In a detailed post, Francis examines what we should expect from the Continuous Testing field in the future and how each of the roles in the testing team could be affected.

Read More about Continuous Testing here


The Software Testing World Cup Chronicles, Part II: Ready, set, TEST! – Nick Bitzer

Nick describes the experience of taking part in the Software Testing World Cup Final. He and his team were competing in the final recently and in this post, he elaborates on his team’s strategy for the 2 hour 40 minute event and how it worked out.

Read More about The Testing World Cup here



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