Blogspy 154: Our Round-up of best of software testing blogs

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Welcome to this week’s Blog Spy. This week’s best of software testing blogs includes Explicit Waits in Selenium, No estimates debate, recruiting for testers and more.


best of software testing blogs



Why Continuous Delivery and DevOps are Product Managers’ Best Friends – Suzie Prince

Suzie lists all the potential positives from moving to Continuous Delivery and the DevOps process of which there are quite a few.

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How To….Use Explicit Waits In Selenium WebDriver – Alex Siminiuc

Alex has written the second blog post in our series on carrying out particular tasks in Selenium. Here he guides the reader through using Explicit Waits in Selenium.

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No money, no problems – Thorbjørn Sigberg

Thorbjorn argues why the no estimates idea might work and why the fear of no estimates should be greeted by those supporting the no estimates argument.

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Recruiting for testers: a hiring perspective – Brian Osman

Brian discusses the hiring process and working with recruiters. He suggests some Do’s and Don’ts for recruiters when working with test managers.

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Testers are human … so are Programmers – Shrini Kulkarni

From his own perspective, Shrini reveals the importance of any tester to have presence of mind throughout the working day and how taking some time out can be beneficial.

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How Does Performance Testing Help Your Online Business Grow? – Pavan Kumar

Pavan reveals how the e-commerce site he is working on had started to see sales slow but was helped with the application of performance testing.

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Put a Ring on It – James Thomas

James writes on how to deal with uncertainty in a project and how there is always a angle to anchor your process for a project.

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