What is this TeamSTAR thing all about?

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Building up to EuroSTAR Software testing Conference this year, the annual TeamSTAR competition has just been announced. The competition gives an opportunity to four colleagues to attend the Conference together and share in the experience that is EuroSTAR.

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This year the competition has taken on a new format. Instead of the usual video submission, to enter, EuroSTAR is asking teams to host their own meet-ups based around the theme of this year’s Conference: “Learning to Test, Testing to Learn“.


So what do you have to do?

The competition has been divided up into three different sections, each which must be completed to enter. They are as follows:


Part 1 – Submit Your Details of Meetup

The first part id to submit the details of the Meetup you and your fellow entrants are holding.

This would include agenda, location, who might be speaking and more

The good news is the EuroSTAR will be sending you a box of swag for the Meet-Up with everything you might need for the event.


The Closing Date for submitting meetup details is  26th July


Part  2 – The Event!

So now you have your meet-Up setup. All you have to do is host it!  Don’t forget to take as much photos,  update your social media on the day, get testimonials from attendess at the event.

The Closing Data hosting your meetup is 9th September


Part 3 – Reporting on the Meetup

The final part and it’s all about the detail. Tell us how your Meet-Up went, who attended, what was discussed, what did you learn from the event and other information that you think was relevant to the day.


The Closing Data for blogging about your meetup is 16th September.


How are the Winners Decided?

The winning team will be selected by a judging panel provided by EuroSTAR Conferences. They will be looking at:

  1. How will did you plan and execute your meetup
  2. How well did you communicate the event online e.g. social media updates
  3. Your feedback from the meetup


 Winners will be Announced in the EuroSTAR September Newsletter on the 28th September

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