The Big Technology Brands that Are Watching Your Privacy

Technology has brought us tremendous things that simply changed our lives and the way we used to do things. Now whenever we have to search something, we use Google and find the right answers. It was not possible almost ten to fifteen years ago. With the passage of time, all such services have improved and made our lives even better. We are actually thankful to the technology that it made things so simple for us.

Everything has good and bad effects. Like, you own a smartphone and it has pros and cons. A smartphone helps us use the internet, check social media, talk on video calls, use browsers, keep data, check emails and do a lot of stuff. On the other side, it is addictive and we spend a lot of time using our phones. The effects of phone use when it comes to physical and mental health are huge.

There are few top tech brands that are popular as well as dominant. These brands are ruling the tech industry and have made huge profits. They do a lot of things, offer many services and facilitate the world. They even do many other things people might not really like.

They may be using our data and user information. If you have read about latest Facebook confessions, they shared how user data was exploited and misused. The purpose is, most of the tech brands are watching us in our privacy and below is the list. We have included the top brands that spy on customers/users but claim to protect them. Their claims are just hoax and they do the quite opposite of what they say.



This social media site has become one of the most popular social media platforms. It is really addictive and has billions of active users. People believe the company protect user information and their data. It offers us free services for lifetime. But it will be a fool who expects Facebook is offering all the services in free. It doesn’t charge us. So how does it make money?

The answer is it uses the customer or user data. Recently few leaks showed how Facebook was selling the user data to other companies and apps. Even, it allowed to access the user messages and private conversations. It was spying on and allowed others to watch us in our privacy.




Google is a complete tech brand that offers a lot of services. It has a search engine, web browser, email services, cloud facilities, smartphones, location tracking services and many others. Google watches the users in their privacy in a number of ways. First, the Google Maps knows our locations and all the places we have been visiting. If our phone is hacked, that is quite possible, the hacker will find out a lot of stuff regarding our privacy.The Google search engine also gets access to a lot of information, details as well as our location. It lets

many sites get access to our sites. That means Google is using our data to make money by selling it to other parties and tech companies around the world. Keep your eyes open and look around. You will find so many things that spoiled your privacy with Google.



Not many people know but SnapChat is one of the tech brands that has control over privacy. This social media app is very much different than most of the social platforms except in controlling the user privacy. On SnapChat, we share so many things, images, photos, locations as well as other details. Believe me whatever you share on social media or SnapChat is not private, it is public.

You have no control over your data and what you share. The social media apps are offering free services throughout the life of a user but get nothing in return. This is what we believe. But this is not the way they think. These companies sell when they sell and use our data. They have contractors or other companies who make deals with SnapChat to get user data and offer money in return.

Conclusion You to have be careful while using these tech brands and their services. Use a Spy app for your teens to make them safe and keep eyes on their online activities. Check their social media use and educate them how to stay safe and not share data online.


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