Automation Testing Tools for Mobile Applications

Seamless, automated testing of mobile applications is critical to ensuring the quality of an application’s codebase and overall usability of the app. However, much like developing an application from scratch, choosing the best automation testing tool that fits your needs isn’t always easy.

This guide will discuss some of the best automation testing tools for mobile applications and help you decide which one might be right for your needs.

What are Automation Testing tools?

Automation is a test environment where an application can be run repeatedly without human intervention. Automated software tests have many advantages over manual testing because they are faster, more reliable, and less prone to human error.

Automated testing tools give testers control over an application’s interface and let them record user behaviour in almost any way they can imagine. When executed properly, automated tests will consistently give you accurate feedback about application stability.

Automation Testing Tools for Mobile Applications


Ranorex Studio

Ranorex Studio is popular as a Windows GUI test automation tool. It offers a complete set of automated testing tools that ensures to deliver the successful projects. The main feature of this tool is it can record and playback.  Majorly developers opt for this tool for its advanced functionalities such as Ranorex Coach for test healing, video reporting of test execution, PDF validation, and much more

Features of Ranorex Studio

  • Define test scripts through recording
  • Provides unique built-in viewers
  • Takes screenshots of the application during test runs
  • Analyses data in real-time and effective code execution
  • Offers user-friendly UI
  • Best customer support
  • Supports Android and iOS-based apps
  • Data-driven testing
  • Customizable testing results
  • Flexible API interface
  • Built-in integration with TestRail and Jira +



SeeTest is the leader of app testing automation tools. This supports different platforms that include Android, iOS, and Blackberry. For different automation scripts, it provides client libraries for C#, Java, Perl, Python, and much more. Aims to provide application stability by adding new features in software development like a performance monitoring tool that monitors applications’ stability over time. Known as a productive tool as it provides automation testing on multiple mobile devices.

Key Features of SeeTest

  • Provides image and object-based recognition
  • Offers various features such as Get Image, Prerequisite Specification, and its ability to rotate, crop, and resize images.
  • Able to rotate, crop and resize images
  • Supports cloud testing services
  • It allows developers to take screenshots and also record videos of different tests performed.
  • With this tool, the same script can utilize with different operating systems with minor alternations.



Calabash is an open-source testing framework tool. It tests using native apps that run on Android and iOS. Moreover, allow tests to be written in Ruby using Cucumber. One of its core strengths is that it allows you to automate interactions between your mobile app and a native device. Calabash also provides automatic UI interactions that include inputting text, validating responses, and much more.

Key Features of Calabash

  • Developers can configure the Calabash tool to run on different devices including Android and iOS.
  • Improve quality and increase the robustness of the solutions
  • Supports cross-platform development


Xamarin.UITest is a toolkit for building native iOS, Android, and Windows apps using C#. Also allows to write code once and deploy it across all these platforms, which saves a lot of time when compared to building separate applications for each platform. This is based on open-source and supports cross-platform development. Partner with  Xamarin app development company to provide seamless testing and glitch free applications in the market.

Key Features of  Xamarin.UITest

  • Base framework for accessing native features
  • It is Extensible Markup Language (XAML) that is used to build dynamic mobile applications by using C#.
  • Offers libraries for common patterns – Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) and allows for the addition of rich capabilities.
  • Developers can leverage the benefit of editor extensions that delivers syntax highlighting, code completion, and other specific features of mobility.



Frank is a popular performance automation testing tool. It is an open-source tool that allows developers to write structured code for better development outcomes. Designed to help test teams write tests faster, as well as customize their tests without having to change code or add additional rules

Key Features of Frank

  • Integrates with CI
  • Runs everywhere
  • Have the support of the strong community
  • Allows to record video and playback


Automating testing has become an integral part of ensuring application stability across various industries. There are various tools available that are capable of automating mobile applications, they all have their own pros and cons. It is therefore very important to choose a tool based on your project’s requirements.


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