Welcome to A Different Me

We are delighted to introduce a brand new podcast brought to you by the incredible EuroSTAR community. 

A podcast for everyone. 

Let’s create a movement that will allow us to relax, contribute and express ourselves in a creative and safe place. A place for real conversations with real people about the importance of diversity and inclusion in our world.  We all work hard, we all face challenges every day, each of us are unique, we each have different successes and challenging moments. A Different Me will celebrate these differences. Our differences bring us together.  

You are invited to join this important conversation and perhaps share a story that is important to you and you think may benefit others. We can use our voices and join together to celebrate our differences!




Podcast Episode 1

Diversity & Inclusion

Isabel Evans

We invited our 2019 #EuroSTARConf Programme Chair, Isabel Evans as our first guest to introduce this series. Isabel encourages everyone to place a strong emphasis on the importance of Diversity and Inclusion, not just in the workplace, but in the world around us.




Podcast Episode 2

Living with Blindness

Kevin Kelly

In the second episode of A Different Me we speak to Kevin Kelly of the National Council for the Blind Ireland (NCBI). Kevin speaks about losing his sight as a teenager, and how he had to change and adapt to his new life with a disability.




Podcast Episode 3


Parimala Hariprasad

In the third episode of A Different Me we speak to Parimala Hariprasad. Her main objective is to make testers more efficient is solving accessibility problems for different abled people using technology in varying capacities in their daily lives. This episode might encourage your organisation to take the right steps to understand accessibility and apply it to your workplace.




Podcast Episode 4

Preventing Suicide One Haircut at a Time

Tom Chapman

In the fourth episode of A Different Me, i am joined by Tom Chapman, the founder of the suicide prevention & awareness charity- The Lions Club Barber Collective. The Lions Barber Collective is a group of international barbers that provide an informal way to talk about men’s mental health. We hope you enjoy Tom’s story of how his charity has grown and is preventing suicide, one haircut at a time….




Podcast Episode 5

Talent Holds No Borders

Ezechi Britton

In the fifth episode we speak to Ezechi Britton  from Code UnTapped. When i asked Ezachi Britton what diversity and inclusion meant to him, he said Diversity is static and inclusion is about a sense of belonging. Inclusion is about opening a door and inviting people in but belonging is about making them feel welcome. When we get inclusion and belonging right, diversity flourishes. From Developer to Co-Founder and CTO to serial entrepreneur and VC. It’s been quite a journey for Ezechi, listen to his incredible story…..




Podcast Episode 6

150 Nationalities Needed to Build a Flight Simulator

 Alexandre Bauduin

In the sixth episode we speak to Alexandre Bauduin from Consulteer. He will take to the stage at the 27th EuroSTAR Conference in Prague with his keynote ‘Flying High- Test Automation in the Boeing 777’. Alex’s career started in the space industry where he discovered his passion for aerospace, working on both military and civilian projects.  One of his last challenges was to organize flight simulator testing into a lean manufacturing environment. The company Alex is currently working for has over 150 nationalities. This mix of culture and diversity is essential to the building of such a project. Sit back, relax and enjoy your flight time with Alex on this Boeing 777.




Podcast Episode 7

The Stigma of Motherhood

Sanne Visser

In the seventh episode of A Different Me, I caught up with Sanne Visser at the 27th EuroSTAR Conference in Prague. Sanne says that she has always felt the need to keep her personal life private to protect herself in her new job from being stigmatized. Sanne feels that the topic of motherhood and all that it entails can sometimes prevent herself from feeling equal to her co-workers with certain tasks, and would never want her position as ‘mom’ to hold her back. Have a listen here




Podcast Episode 8

They Are Not The ‘Other’

Dona Sarkar

In the eight episode of A Different Me, I caught up with Dona Sarkar at the 27th EuroSTAR Conference in Prague after she delivered her keynote. Diversity and Inclusion isn’t just a nice thing for your company to have but it also to make your company more profitable. We need to understand that diversity isn’t just a person- they are not the ‘other’




Podcast Episode 9

Unconscious Racist Bias

Liz Keogh

In the ninth episode of A Different Me, I spoke to Liz Keogh, independent consultant, coach and author! When Liz Keogh began writing her new novel she became aware of the fact that she had some unconscious racist bias. During Liz’s journey with Diversity and Inclusion she wanted to go about eliminating this bias from her life and here is her story.




Podcast Episode 10

Preventing Harassment

Juliette Sanchez-Lambert

In the tenth episode of A Different Me, we spoke to Juliette Sanchez-Lambert, trainer and consultant in the area of preventing harassment. Juliette helps organisations to proactively prevent as well as recognise harassment in the workplace to create a safer and inclusive environment.




Podcast Episode 11

Neurodiversity In The Workplace

Simon Prior

In the eleventh episode of A Different Me, we spoke to Simon Prior, head of the Core QA team at EasyJet. Simon explores the concept of Neurodiversity not just in the testing environment but as a consideration for all businesses to be aware of.


Share Your Story

The goal of this podcast is to create a space that is welcoming, inclusive and encouraging for everyone to share on topics or issues that might be beneficial for the world to hear! Do you have a story to share? 

We would love to hear from you, please contact us on [email protected] to join the conversation.