A Different Me – Episode 10

Juliette Sanchez Lambert

Trainer & Consultant

Juliette focuses on harassment prevention training and supports organisations in designing their harassment prevention mechanisms as well as training how to recognise harassment in the early stages in order to create an inclusive workplace. Juliette’s journey with human rights started when she was child and became aware of the injustices around her and then took a greater interest in gender studies as she moved into university. She has organised many workshops since university and worked with the Brussels feminist collective founder Sarah Hassan to help people to identify harassment in every day life. You can download the guide here. Sexual…....

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About Me!

I am a facilitator, trainer and consultant, passionate about equality.

I have worked in the field of human rights for 7 years, with expertise on women’s rights, LGBTQI+ rights, refugee and migrant rights and harassment prevention in the civil society sector and European institutions. Next to my job, I have created and facilitated dozens of trainings and empowering workshops on topics related to gender equality and feminism.

In 2019 I co-authored a practical guide called ‘It’s not that grey’ which deconstructs the so-called “grey zone” of sexual harassment by giving concrete tools to identify, bust myths around it and fight harassment.

Besides providing training and advice to organisations on harassment prevention, and working as a consultant on human rights issues, I also coach people who have long been job-seeking on the art of crafting job applications that do justice to their skills and experience, so they gain back confidence in what they have to offer to the job market.

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