7 Codeless Testing Tools in 2021

Before getting on board with codeless automation testing tools, let me explain to you a basic fact of what codeless-automation testing tools mean:

Codeless automation tools are a smart way of testing your application in which we need not have to write those long test scripts and run and re-run those types of tests to see if it works or not. These are a hassle-free and convenient way of putting up with the testing services with the main focus on the results of the test more and less focus on checking the tests again and again which makes the life of the tester easier so that the tester can test the application fast and make the most out of the tests. Knowing these facts above, let’s see which are these tests that will help the testers take the test in a more focused way:


Leap work is a cloud-based working system based on the principle of a selenium testing platform. This is one of the finest testing procedures designed for both applications and websites. You don’t have to think of the time that will be consumed because it literally will be a very convenient and hassle-free journey of testing for both the tester and developer to understand the testing services. This has been one of the most effortless and aided QA testing services with predefined building qualities required for testing.

Features required:
-Codeless and yet convenient to work with.
-Works amazing as well with the agile DevOps system.
-Supports parallel runs and cross-platform testing.
-Could reuse the tests again and again after testing.
-Able to manage large amounts of data.


What is more than having recorded in-built testing scripts for the testing services. this also has the feature of correcting the tests according to our requirements. these are incredibly based on an end-to-end testing encryption framework that means everything is incredibly safe. you are provided with the ability to do modifications in visual representation as well in the test scripts.

Features required:
-Provides each test analysis.
-Provides modification required at each step.
-These are again reusable tests.
-Again supports both parallel runs and cross-platform testing.
-Agile testing service since it creates testing scripts beforehand.


Katalon is one of the most popular codeless testing tools of this year and has been recognized for its credibility in all kinds of application and website testing. The catalog is accessible for both individual testing experts and all business platforms as well. These have all kinds of unique features of copy past and drag-drop of all kinds of testing material and use directly as required.

Features required:
-Requires minimal programming skills.
-Supports web development and mobile development.
-Provides built-in test-case libraries, project templates, and keywords.
-Again provides record and playback features.
-Built for comprehensive testing.



Ranorex studio is one of the dynamically used testing platforms that can be used by a perfectionist or a beginner. this comes with a huge vitality and provides all the basic to the advanced quality required for testing .they are more emphasized on the details of the tests than those long testing scripts.

Features required:
-Provides features like testing and regression, drag and drop of features,
and agile testing.
-Run testing scripts between the commands of a specific test case.
-Provides reusable scripts.
-Cross-platform testing and mobile testing as well.
integrated with the user interface program.


CloudQA is a cloud-based testing platform with the same power as tests based on script-running. these can be reused and integrated as per the requirement and as many times required. these can be run both separately and integrated altogether. these give the same results as any programming testing script. these offer to provide continuous regression testing.
Features required:

-The reusability rate is high.
– Multiple data is set over varied browsers.
-Supports big test drives.
-Record and playback testing available.
-Smoothly runs all the large tests.


ACCELQ is an Artificial Intelligence codeless automated testing tool that provides us with the criteria of being a codeless selenium automation tool. It can automate desktop, web, mainframes. it comes with a convenient way of testing and need not come with any complications and helps us with the user interface program.

Features required:
-Highly safe and scalable.
-Capable of automating User Interface.
-Fast development and least maintenance with Embedded Frameworks.
-Continuous integration-ready.
-Highly reliable.



Selenium automation tool allows you to automate web applications without writing code.
Selenium IDE can be used with plugins. it gives fast feedback and allows you to run testing on any Operating System. This is why codeless testing
tools have become popular as they relieve a tester from unwanted hurdles.

Features required:
-Test suite can be reused.
-Works for agile testing.
-Compensates for writing tests with more qualities.
-Provides attention to detail.
-Can be plugged into other testing suites.

To conclude, let’s get down to the basic fact that it doesn’t matter if you have testing suites that require coding or not, because, in the end, you have to understand that both require equal integration and understanding of the core values of the tests.


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