10 Reasons to Learn Python Programming Language in 2022

Python is a very popular and widely used programming language. The language is used in different business sectors. Python is also extensively used to develop high-level web applications and smart WhatsApp bots. Guido van Rossum developed Python in 1991. The design of Python heavily emphasises on easy and simple readability of code by using substantial indentation. Over the last couple of years, the programming language has only gained high popularity across various domains such as data science, programming, deep learning, artificial intelligence and more.  31 years later, the language is one of the most popular programming language. Whether you are an amateur, a student or even a professional, if you haven’t learnt Python yet and are considering whether you should start learning Python, this article is for you.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should consider learning Python

1. Python is Beginner-Friendly:

Learning Python makes a perfect option for those people who are just beginning to learn programming. Python, as a programming language, is both challenging and fun. However, Python is quite uncomplicated to read since it features English syntax. Hence, first-timers find it easy to learn this language and practically utilise it in real-time.

One of the major advantages of Python is that it is an interpreted programming language. This also makes it beginner-friendly. Developers can easily review it and make changes whenever needed because it carries out code linearly. This makes it an effective programming learning tool.


2. Global Usage and Popularity:


Python, currently, is the most prevalent and widely used programming language. This is because it is accepted all over the world because it offers a wide-range of libraries that are free to use, codes, modules, and programs. This language has been open source for the last 20 years and is also free to use.

3. Enormous Libraries Which Enables ML Tasks and Data Science:

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Python uses multiple libraries and this is how it surpasses most of the programming languages. Libraries such as NumPy, Matplotlib, Pandas and SciPy can be utilised for data gathering, model generation, visualisation, refinement and data analysis of the data.

PyTorch and TensorFlow are Machine Learning libraries which would enable you to exercise and establish models simply. Those organisations who invest in Data Science highly sought Python experts. Additionally, Python is also the chosen language for data-crunching for many data scientists and mathematicians globally.


4. Utilised by Majority of Top Companies:

Python supports all kinds of programming: procedural, object-oriented and functional. Hence, it is used by the majority of top companies world-wide, this also creates a demand for developers who are well versed with Python. Let us have a look:

  • Instagram: The widely used social media platform features deployment of Django web framework that is basically completely written in Python. Currently, Instagram has more than 1.21 billion active users globally. It is most probably the largest system which is built with Python.
  • Google: Presently, Google is evolving differential privacy capabilities to the programming language of Python. This is done with PipelineDP, which is an open-source tool. It creates pipelines through which the aggregate data consisting of personal details helps preserve individual privacy.
  • Uber: Uber doesn’t use Python exclusively but it makes an integral part of how the platform operates. The company uses Python for service discovery, creation of logging functions, data management and routing. Uber also provides asynchronous Python development services which support its platform.
  • Spotify: Spotify, a widely used music application, is almost entirely written in Python. Spotify had 182 million premium subscribers in the first quarter of 2022.
  • Dropbox: Currently, Dropbox is being used by more than 9 million businesses globally. It is completely written in Python.


5. Provides Good Career Growth Opportunities:

Because Python is one of the most used programming languages, it is also one of the most demanded technical skills. Many top companies like Yahoo!, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, PayPal, Uber, Instagram and several others hire dedicated offshore developers who are experts in Python programming language and pay them very well.

Few of the common Python job designations are Python Developer, Django Developer, Python Automation Engineer, Fullstack Developer, Front End Developer, Software Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Data Scientist, and Machine Learning Engineer amongst others.

Python is the foremost choice for Data Science and development fields currently and hence it is sure to lure in high salary prospects. Hence, if you have programming skills, you can make use of Python to earn well.

6. Python Works Wonders for Web Development:

If you are interested in web development, it would be worthwhile for you to learn Python and have direct experience with the same. The programming language is very efficient and brings to the table great readability, and hence it is quite popular.

The reason why Python works wonders for web development is that it provides a wide diversity of opportunities for web development, such as:

  • Pyramid and Django which are widely-accepted and popular frameworks
  • Bottle and Flask which are micro-frameworks
  • Django CMS and Plone which are well-development content management systems
  • Developers can also smoothly process JSON, XML, HTML, IMAP, FTP and a number of other internet protocols as a part of Python’s standard library.

7. Python GUI Frameworks are well-suited for Easy and Simple GUI Development:

Streamlit, PyGUI, Kivy, Plotly Dash, Tkinter, Streamlit and many others are few exceptional GUI (Graphical User Interface) in Python. Developers can make use of these to easily develop GUI applications.

The GUI libraries that are Python based can assist developers in multiple areas such as prototyping, mobile app releases, game development, and many more. Hence, being familiar with Python can be beneficial and you can easily build a UI.

8. Python can be used for scripting:

Python is not only a programming language. It can be utilised for scripting too. The main difference between scripting languages and programming languages is that developers do not need to compile them; they can be directly interpreted. Python scripts let you write code directly and run it.

As your code runs, it will be interpreted, tested for errors, and read for errors by the machine. A code that has no errors can be used multiple times. According to The Linux Journal, Python is the best language for programming and scripting.


9. Python is an Exceptional Tool for Testing:

Python is a marvelous programming language using which developers can easily validate concepts. The language consists of numerous libraries and built-in frameworks such as PyTest, Robot, DocTest, Unittest, Testify, Nose2, and many more. This makes coding much easier and simpler across divergent cross-platform environments.

10. High Level of Versatility:

Programming in Python is possible on a wide range of devices and platforms. Games and web applications can be developed apart from desktop software that run on Windows, Linux, and Mac. This makes it very versatile and apt for every kind of developer.


Whether you are a data scientist, a software engineer or a programmer, Python is a high-level useful tool that you should be using. Even if you are a student or about to graduate, Python would definitely prove to be very useful. This is because it provides great job prospects and is used across numerous industries. Learning Python will open gates to having a strong career in fields like Machine Learning,  Robotics Process Automation and Data Science. So, if you haven’t learnt Python yet, it is time to do so!


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