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Web Application Testing

Reading Time: 1 minute

David Vandervoort imparts his personal view on Web Application Testing and the approach followed by the company he works for. He states that this approach is not set in stone as there is always room for improvement. If David was to readdress the subject in a few years or months from now, his approach may very well be completely different. This document is accompanied by a mind map which helps illustrate his views and approach to Web Application Testing.




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David Vandervoort

More than 17 years of experience in software testing and quality assurance covering a wide variety of digital applications. From CD-i, one of the earliest formats in interactive digital content, over digital video & audio, different optical storage formats, OEM product audits, CE device and bundled software testing to a wide range of online applications since the early 90s.
Driven by passion for the software testing profession, I grew from software test execution into a QA process enthousiast and seek to keep advancing my knowledge in all areas of software testing and QA.

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