The World Class Webinar Series

New Model Testing: A New Test Process and Tool

Paul Gerrard 100

Paul Gerrard (Gerrard Consulting, UK)

In this webinar, Paul will describe his experiences of building and using a bot for paired testing and also propose a new test process suitable for both high integrity and agile environments. His bot – codenamed System Surveyor – builds a model of the system as you explore and captures test ideas, risks and questions and generates structured test documentation as a by-product.
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Using Selenium 3.0

Simon Stewart webinar

Simon Stewart (Selenium Project, UK)

In this webinar, Simon will discuss how to use the brand new Selenium 3.0 and well as highlight some of the changes that have been implemented since Selenium 2.0

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Thinking Through Your Role

James and Jon BachJames Bach (Satisfice, Inc. USA)



Jon Bach (eBay, USA)

James and Jon Bach recently taught a new class called Reinventing Testers. As part of the class, they developed a style of diagramming roles which they call “rolegrams” and a one page cheat sheet that helps people think about the elements and dynamics of their roles. In this webinar, they will present these heuristics, so that you can more clearly assess and negotiate your own role on a technical team.
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Practical Test Strategy Using Heuristics

Huib Schoots webinar

Huib Schoots (Improve Quality Services, Netherlands)

This webinar teaches participants to make a thorough and diversified test strategy based on the Heuristic Test Strategy Model (HTSM) from the Rapid Software Testing class taught by James Bach and Michael Bolton.
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Testing Cloud Native Applications


Pini Reznik (Container Solutions, Netherlands)

In this webinar Pini will explain the concept of cloud native applications and show development and testing techniques that helped us to build complex systems such as a Mesos framework for ElasticSearch and others.
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