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women in testing


When women work together and inspire each other, amazing things happen. We at EuroSTAR (and Huddle) want to inspire more and more women from all around the world to connect and share their ideas to help other women achieve their career goals.

Back in November, during out 2018 Software Testing Conference in Netherlands, we have noticed a high interest for the talk Tone Molyneux and Fiona Ring Ostensvig where they explored the topic of women in testing. The topic gained so much popularity that it inspired us to take an action and reach out to female testers to speak at EuroSTAR 2019.

There are many amazing female software testing speakers who inspire others with their knowledge. From Seretta Gamba to Isabel Evans, Karen N. Johnson  Mais Tawfik Ashkar, Nevin Koteva and more, these powerful women share their testing tips, some share struggles, personal journeys, but only to help you map out your own goals.

We would like to encourage more women in testing to speak up and let the world hear you! Are you passionate about software testing? Is your dream to become a great public speaker? We hear you. And now is time for you to make the dream happen.

We are looking for submissions that cover all the usual topics for a EuroSTAR conference, and more! You may be thinking agile, waterfall, exploratory, automation, functional, performance, security, usability, reliability, accessibility, skills, teams, domain, technical, quality, excellence, just in time, case study, experience, research… and you will have ideas that I have not thought of! Send them in. Let’s inspire other women in testing!


Closing date for submissions is 4th February 2019.