Upcoming Events: Week of June 23

This week’s schedule of software testing events includes:

Tuesday, June 24th

Live Webinar: With Cloud Computing, Who Needs Performance Testing? with Albert Witteeven. More information and free registration here.

TestNet Theme Evening

Mobile Testing themed evening with TestNet.


Thursday, June 26th.

Czech Test

1 day conference on software and systems testing.

Next Generation Testing Conference

1 day conference which will address the major testing challenges faced by organisation right now and in the future and it reflects the significant growth of interest in Agile and testing as an activity.


Friday,  June 27th.

How To Get What You Want From Testing (for Testers, Developers, and Managers) – Free Software Testing Masterclass, Dublin.

Half-day masterclass with Michael Bolton in Dublin, Ireland.


If you know of any other upcoming software testing events email [email protected] and I will add it to the calendar for you 🙂


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