Top 6 DXRacer Gaming Chairs in 2018

The best gaming chair can last you close to a decade or more, and with that said, you want to consider the best of the best chairs to suit your needs. DXRacer is such a renowned brand of gaming chairs for PC gaming, with the racing style design.

Even so, racing style-gaming chairs are not innately better than other office chairs for PC gaming, but, they come with unique features that make them more appealing and worth spending on over an office chair. The following features top six of DXRacer gaming chairs to select from in 2018:


DXRacer Iron Series DOH/IS166/NB Newedge edition racing bucket seat

The DOH/IS166/NB is one of the gaming chairs from this product line that is under $500 but has fantastic features. The seat has a fully adjustable height, accommodating for tall people, and further, adjustability of the backrest, to as far as approximately 135 degrees.

The weight capacity of this chair is up to 275 pounds which is pretty impressive and speaks a lot of its framework. The chair is made for comfort with generous padding all over, and extra lumbar support pillows for added comfort.

The material of the chair is a vinyl that is effortless to clean and maintain, and the best part is that it is available in a variety of color options to fit your style preferences.


DXRacer FH11/NB

The DXRacer FH11/NB gaming chair features a design inspired by racing car seats. This seat falls in the Formula series which is such a big collection of over thirty different models, available in the market.

This chair features a strong mesh fabric coupled with PU leather. The combination encourages air circulation while remaining kind to your skin, with ease of cleaning. The seat is made with sturdy material so that its framework can support an estimated maximum weight of 181 lbs.

As to matters of comfort, this chair is adequately padded, with further reinforcements of cushiness on the pressure points, that is the lower back, shoulders, and headrest. Further, it comes with extra cushions for the lumbar region and the headrest. The seat pan features high-density mold shaping foam that is very cozy to sit on while gaming. Also, the chair has excellent adjustability for the armrests, the backrest, and height.




DXRacer Formula series DOH/FD01/NR Office Chair

The DOH/FD01/NR is a little different from most gaming chairs, with a much more streamlined construction that allows for a comfortable experience. It does not have the usual straps that run from the top to the base of a gaming chair meant for placing the adjustable pillows in place and holding them down.

Other than that, the chair is very comfortable, and also ha extra cushions for added support. It sports a high backrest that is generous in supporting your entire spinal column to reduce unnecessary pressure on your neck and lower back. The armrests of this chair are softer than the typical hard plastic ones in most gaming chairs.

The gaming chair is as well very adjustable, with a recline angle of up to 135 degrees, and for height. The materials used on this chair are excellent quality mess fabric, which allows air flow for a refreshed experience.


DXRacer OH/TS29/N

The DXRacer OH/TS29/N is from the tank series of the DXRacer product line. This model is the perfect choice for large-built gamers and is the biggest chair available. The chair has an impressive framework that can withstand a maximum weight capacity of 400lbs, not to mention great adjustability for height, and these features make it prime for large-bodied people.

The seat may look big, but that does not in any way compromise on quality. It comes with free extra cushions for lumbar and headrest support, with an adjustable backrest as well as armrests. The PU leather cover of the chair is gentle to the skin, and hassle-free to clean and manage, and the high-density mold shaping foam underneath is ideal for coziness throughout gaming.



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DXRacer DOH/RV001 Racing series

The DOH/RV001 is another amazing gaming chair to choose. It has 4D adjustable armrests, which spice up your pleasure during gaming, stimulating the feeling of a real racing driver.

The chair has a sturdy frame and can take a maximum weight of approximately 200 pounds. The caster wheels of this chair have a smooth glide, with a 3-inch wideness of the wheels for adequate support. The material of the chair is of PU leather which is similar to most chairs. It is a great choice for you with a reasonable price tag to it.




DXRacer DOH/RW106 racing series NewEdge Edition

Finally, the DOH/RW106 is the last on the least, with closely similar features to the DOH/RV001 model. The difference with this chair is that it is a little smaller than the DOH/RV001 and has 3D adjustable armrests. The comfort of this chair is not disappointing, just like all of DXRacer gaming chairs. If you can overlook the 4D adjustable armrests, this chair is an excellent alternative for you.

Although the DXRacer brand embraces a similar design-build for most of its products, the differences are notable as to matters degree of comfort, sturdiness, weight capacities, among others. Try out any of these six gaming chairs and revolutionize your gaming experience

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