This Day in Tech History: Events in Computer History – May 10th

Some of the major technology and other events in computer history that happened on this Day: The Pilot ACE computer is completed and HP release the HP 110.


1950 – Pilot ACEPilot_ACE

One of the first computers to be built in the United Kingdom is completed at England’s National Physical Laboratory (NPL). The Pilot ACE runs its first programme the same day.


1984 -HP 110

HP 110 events in computer history

Priced at $2,995, Hewlett-Packard introduces the HP 110 laptop. Weighting 8.5lb, the computer features 272KB of RAM, a 384KB ROM, an LCD display complete with MS-DOS 2.11 operating system. The laptop comes complete with Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet, MemoMaker word processor and Infocom’s Zork game.




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