Testing News of The Week: 2nd – 9th January 2015

Welcome to this week’s testing Quotes of the Week. UK testing firms merge, U.S. prisoners get early release thanks to software bug and more.


UK Software Testing Firms Merge

The Test People has always had the desire to become the UK market leader in software testing so we couldn’t be more excited about the opportunities that our combined organisation creates

Two of the U.K’s biggest testing companies have merged. The Test People and Centre4 Testing have come together to form a 350 strong team with offices in four UK cities. The merged company will be led by Centre4 Testing chief executive Miles Worne with no news on the new company’s name as of yet. Read More here


The Test First Approach: An interview with Gil Zilberfeld

Test First defines what needs to work. It defines what code we need to write to solve specific problems, because we have a definition in a form of a test. It’s fairly simple to know if we have working functionality just by running the tests.”

Ben Linders of InfoQ interviews Gil Zilberfeld about the rise of the test first approach in Agile and the popularity of test driven development and behaviour driven development. Read More here


Software Bug Responsible for Zero-Aged Voters On Ghana’s voter register

The error affected 120 entries. The bug has been found and fixed. A software bug affecting 120 entries in a register with over 14 million entries cannot in our view be the basis for the creation of a new register.

An issue with the register for voters in Ghana has resulted in some voters being registered who are less than one year old. The Ghana register notes voters age and it is believed by the electoral commission that the issue was caused by a software bug. Read More here


U.S. Prisoners get early Release Thanks to Software

Analysis of the errors showed that, on average, prisoners whose sentences were wrongly calculated got out 49 days early.”

A software bug is being blamed for allowing the early release of prisoners from several U.S. prisons. The bug was responsible for prisoners good behaviour being wrongly calculated as a contribution towards getting early release. While the bug was discovered in 2012, it was only addressed last month. Read More here


Tor plans to launch a bug bounty programme

Tor is a free service that allows users to browse the internet anonymously, and it’s working with sponsor Open Technology Fund and bug bounty coordinator HackerOne to pull off this latest security sweep

Tor has opened up a bug bounty programme for users. The company has developed the bug bounty to improve security for its browsing software. The programme has been established initially as a invite-only programme. Read More here

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