Test Huddle 2nd Birthday Party 17th-19th May 2016

It’s the second anniversary of Test Huddle. Our online community is officially turning two years old.https://testhuddle.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=11841&action=edit

To celebrate we have a number of events lined up from the 17th-19th May. We have achieved so much in the past two years.

TestHuddle 2nd Birthday Slider-01

  • Over six thousand members and growing
  • Over 50+ Ebooks
  • Hundreds of Testing Blog posts
  • Over 150 software testing webinars

We have created a catalogue of great webinars, presentations, ebooks and blog posts that offer some great benefit to the TEST Huddle community.

However the one thing that keeps our community going is our members.

This year to celebrate our second birthday…we have a number of events happening to thank you for being part of the Test Huddle community.




TEST Huddle 2nd Birthday Infographic


Update Day 3: 18:00 – It’s the end of our Birthday Celebrations. Thanks for joining us. All the links below will remain live including the Games too.

Update Day 3: 15:00 – Last of our Soapbox sessions has been uploaded featuring Colin Cherry

Update Day 3 09:30 – Wish Us Happy Birthday in Your Native language and Win

Update Day 3 09:00 – The Birthday Special Treasure Hunt is live!

Update Day 2 14:00 – Soapbox Session – Iain McCowatt on Testing Standard ISO 29119

Update Day 2 13:00 – Only two hours to our awards cermony

Update Day 2 11:00 – The Dan Billing Soapbox is live

Update Day 2 09:00 – Welcome to Day 2 of our Birthday party. The Games Room is open

Update 15:00 – The second of the Soapbox Sessions has been Released

Update 14:00 – A Chess Game is On

Update 11:00 – The First Soapbox session is live here

Update 09:00 – The Games Rooms are open here

So what’s happening?

Day 1 – Tuesday 17th May



 Games Room:

Hit the arcades like you did when you were younger and try a few of the puzzle games we have.

10:00The Test Huddle Lego Chess DSC_0257Challenge
09:00The True or False Thread.

Tell a fact About yourself. The best ones win prizes.




 EuroSTAR 2015 SoapBox Session

The End of The World

Baart Knack




Test Huddle Webinar:T2_Geoff-Thompson_web1-170x170
Test Process Improvement – How Hard Can It Be?
with Geoff Thompson
15:00 EuroSTAR 2015 SoapBox SessionColin Cherry
My Journey as a Blogger at EuroSTAR 2015 Colin Cherry


Day 2 – Wednesday 
18th  May 

09:00Games Room Open: 

Hit the arcades with some great puzzle and RPG games to try out. There will be some new additions too.

10:00-17:00Wish Us Happy Birthday!
Wish us Happy Birthday in your own language  and you could win a prize.
11:00EuroSTAR 2015 SoapBox Sessiondaniel billing              EXTERMINATE – The Security Testing Mnenomic Dan Billing
14:00EuroSTAR 2015 SoapBox Session
ISO 29119
 Ian McCowatt
15:00The Second TEST Huddle Awards Ceremonyawards



Day 3 – Thursday 19th May

 09:00Games Room

Hit the arcades like you did when you were younger and try a few of the puzzle games we have.

10:00The Test Huddle Lego Chess Challenge


10:00-17:00The True or False Thread
Tell a fact About yourself. The best ones win prizes.
09:30-17:00 The Treasure Hunt Competition


Let’s Talk About….Women In TestingLets-Talk-About.....Women in Testing

With Rajini Padmanaban & Alison Wade

15:00EuroSTAR 2015 SoapBox Session Colin Cherry
It’s Not A Huddle, it’s a Test Cuddle
Colin Cherry
16:00Webinar:Hans Buwalda, head shot
How to get Automated Testing “Done”
With Hans Buwalda