EuroSTAR 2016: Test Clinic Review

Christin and Arpad were the Test Doctors on call for the EuroSTAR 2016 Test Clinic. The guys wish to thank a few people adter a very busy and exciting week.


Let me start by thanking everyone that stopped by the Test Clinic. I appreciate that you were willing to explore different test topics and test-related issues with us.

We encouraged all our visitors to ask questions, but I don’t know that we actually answered any. Instead we tried to guide a discussion around each question to explore different ideas, together. We conferred, which really is the whole point of a conference.


The topics of the questions ranged from very high-level questions around organisational transformation to detailed, technical test automation questions. Instead of summarising our answers I’d like to provide one general piece of advice: build a peer-network outside of your own organisation. As much as I like the Test Clinic it was a three-day event, and you need to have a place to take your questions for the other days of the year too. Even though every person and every environment is unique, there are other people out there in roles similar to yours, struggling with similar problems. Talking to them you can get new ideas, and maybe even some answers.

Finally I’d just like to thank our Test Consultants:

  • Anne-Marie Charrett
  • Daniel Billing
  • Erkki Poyhonen
  • Jon Bach
  • Patrick Duisters
  • Ru Cindrea
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