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The Huddle website is a place for all the testers to learn and gain knowledge on all things agile, devOps, scrum and more. We provide e-Books and organize webinars for you to learn and expand in this field. But what’s more is that our team organizes Europe’s Largest Software testing conference every year. We invite top speakers to present their thoughts on big screens and help attendees absorb all the knowledge they can from this event.

As the EuroSTAR conference is growing at a rapid pace, we realized that we’ve a bunch of amazing fans here interested in our biggest event and that is why we came up with a competition called TeamSTAR where the winner gets a chance to win tickets to EuroSTAR this year.


EuorSTAR Sofware testing Conference


TeamSTAR is a competition where contestants from all the world can register. The team hosts their own event and invites people to discuss about any certain testing topic. It’s as if you are hosting your own mini conference. The meetup that receives the most online exposure will be shortlisted to win the tickets worth €8,000.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Well if you are, then here is exactly what you need to do:


Stage one isn’t rocket science, you simply have to enter. Provide us with quick information, such us where will your “EuroSTAR Connects” event take place? What is the agenda for your event? This will help us understand who you are and what is your plan for this competition.



Now you need to organize your event. Create a meeting and invite people to come over (min. 10 attendees). Discuss a certain topic – we will send you materials such as pens, chocolate etc. Make sure you promote your own event – through social media, your website etc. Engage with us so we can follow your hard work. We will also engage and give you social boost as well.  Remember to take photos, videos, get testimonials to share with us afterwords. Encourage your attendees to stay connected with us, the EuroSTAR company – for example staying connected with us through newsletter signup, etc.



Once you have successfully registered with us and launched your mini “EuroSTAR Connects” event (and also let us know about your progress along the way), you can finally provide us with the final details – how many people attended? What was the feedback? Provide us with photos, videos and any other information that you think will be useful for us to know.


Hopefully this is explained in a simplified language. Simply register to win, host your little event in your own country, we’ll provide your with materials and give us the feedback. If you are looking for creative ideas, take a look at last years contestants and their events here

Last year we had a good number of competitors that hosted their own mini EuroSTAR events. The winner was a brilliant team from Poland. called KraQA won where they hosted an event about ChmurQA, an Open Mobile Apps Testing workshop, where testers learnt how to test mobile apps professionally and at the same time made our city Kraków a better place to live.






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