Software Testing and QA News: 4th – 18th March 2017

Welcome to the latest edition of our software testing and QA news bulletin. This week stories on: CIA and how they hack your device, Intel bug bounty programme and smart software.


How The CIA targets Your DeviceImage result for cia

Everyday consumer devices including smartphones running iOS and Android operating systems, Windows and Mac computers, and even smart TVs made by manufacturers such as Samsung have all been targeted by the CIA.”

Since our last bulletin, the revelations have come out about the CIA and its targeting programme. This post looks at how the CIA gathers vulnerabilities to be able to hack devices. Read More about the CIA programme here


Does testing need to embrace fake data?

Recognize that using fake testing environments keeps the benefits of PoC testing without the risks. Utilizing all the tools at your disposal to make the test environments realistic and to foresee how the software will act after implementation, will allow you to take the reins of innovation.”

An editorial piece on why fake data should be used and acknowledged in software testing. Read More here


Intel and Microsoft launch Bug Bounty ProgrammesMicrosoft

“We want to encourage researchers to identify issues and bring them to us directly so that we can take prompt steps to evaluate and correct them, and we want to recognize researchers for the work that they put in when researching a vulnerability”

Intel announced a new bug programme that will focus on much of its software solutions. Meanwhile Microsoft have announced that they have a new bug programme for Microsoft Office Insider on Windows which will offer a maximum of $15,000 for vulnerability submissions that prove to be genuine and high risk. Read More here


You May Never Need to Worry About Bugs Again

Waiting for frustrated customers to report problems before taking action, or developers spending countless hours digging through logs trying to find the root cause of a problem, is viewed as archaic to many fast-moving organizations.

A report on the development of smart software that will mean that the software will spot any bugs before any user or software tester will. Read More here


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