Software Testing and QA News: 4th -11th February 2016

Welcome to our weekly software testing news and Quotes of the Week from the world of software testing. This week bug bounty news, the darknet starts a bug bounty programme, test automation is increasing in popularity, a new blockchain bug and more.


BlockChain Bug with ZcashImage result for Zcash

““Based on the nature of the bug, nodes that encounter the problem should just stall and fail to process new blocks. Indeed, this is how we discovered the bug in the first place.”

Sean Bowe of Zcash explains the background to the Blockchain bug found recently that has affected the cryptocurrency’s software. The bug has triggered problems with teh software and users have been advised to update to the latest software. Read More about Blockchain Bug here


Test Automation Increases in Popularity

The study found an 85% increase in Test Automation over a two-year period across all industry domains. This growth is fueled by easily accessible Open Source tools in the market today.

A quote from the study by Wipro based on worldwide research across a number of different sectors across a number of different continents on how software testing is looking in 2016. The study brounght up a number of interesting results including the fact that web applications dominate performance testing and there is an increasing focus on Quality Engineering. Read More on the State of Quality 2016 Survey here



Bug Bounty Round-UpHansa

Last year we saw tremendous growth. The hacker community tripled. Sales grew even faster. The world is coming this way. The best way to find vulnerabilities in live software is to employ security experts

The stories on bug bounty programmes are increasing so we have compiled them all into one. First off HackOne has got a $40 million investment as the list of companies use their services grow. Meanwhile Google paid $3 million to hackers in 2016 and finally Hansa (a popular darknet site for selling illegitimate goods) is initiating a bug bounty programme for its customers to help tighten security on the site.


Speed of Fixing Bugs Delaying Software Deployment

What is surprising from this report is the revelation that the speed in fixing identified bugs has remained stagnant. There is huge opportunity for teams to leverage automated testing to identify bugs earlier in the release cycle, immediately evaluate the bug with video playback and other assets, and share those test results across teams to fix them as quickly as possible

Charles Ramsey, CEO of Sauce Labs comments on one of the stories to come out of their latest State of Software Testing Report for 2016. As the report suggests, the ability to fix bugs once they have been identified is delaying software deployment for some teams who would like to deploy faster. Read More here



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