Software Testing News Bulletin: Latest Software Testing and Tech News 12th -19th August 2017

Welcome to a new edition of our software , QA and Testing News update news bulletin focusing on the latest software testing news.  This week we feature stories on gender in software, Microsoft patch release, 17 year-old hacks Air Force and more.

Asynchrony Labs opens in Canary Wharf asynchrony-2Asynchrony Labs

For us, Canary Wharf represents the real strength of London – as a meeting place between fantastic tech innovation and longstanding financial services expertise

Despite the fears of Brexit, Asynchrony Labs have just opened its London headquaters. The $9 billion company offers custom software to global brands such as Mastercard, Papa Johns and the US Department of Defense. Read More on Asynchrony Labs here


The Gender Bug in Software

Only 19% of the engineers on Google’s tech team are women, as compared to 23% at Apple, and 24% at Ebay and Pay Pal

A report by Rohan Abraham on the gender differences in software. The report follows the firing of Google engineer James Damore over a memo he sent out about why women are poorly represented in tech due to biological differences. The article looks at what the gender difference are. Read More here


Software Vulnerability Still Dangerous Despite Patchsubversion-logo

A malicious third-party can give a crafted ‘ssh://…’ URL to an unsuspecting victim, and an attempt to visit the URL can result in any program that exists on the victim’s machine being executed.

The flaw found in revision control tools for software developers, including GitLab, Mercurial, and Apache Subversion (SVN), can be exploited to launch malicious command executions. The researcher who found it says that despite a patch being released, the vulnerability can still be exploited. Read More here


The Biggest Bug Bounty ProgrammesBug report

These programs stand out for the size of their rewards and how much they have paid in total to security researchers in bounties over the last several years.

Want to know what are the biggest bug bounty programmes around. This slideshow of the largest programmes out there might point you in the right direction. Read More here


17- Year Old Hacks Air ForceUS air force

By allowing the good guys to help us, we can better level the playing field and get ahead of the problem instead of just playing defense.

Air Force Chief Information Security Officer Peter Kim explains the Air Force hacker programme and why a 17 year old found  30 valid vulnerabilities in the Air Force database and became the top earner in the Air Force Bug bounty programme. Read More on Air Force Bug Bounty Programme here


Microsoft Patch 48 Vulnerabilities

More than half of the vulnerabilities listed are rated “critical.”

Microsoft release patches for 48 bugs on Tuesday, two of which were high critical. The bugs could allow a user to remotely take over a machine through Windows. Read More here






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