Software Testing News: 8th – 15th October 2016

Welcome to our weekly software testing news and Quotes of the Week from the testing field. This week in current software testing news: Making pacemakers Open source, Yahoo in trouble over emails, Heinz automated success and more.


Heart Implants Should Be Open Source CodeImage result for pacemaker

When lives are at stake, there’s no time for secrecy. Just publish the code.”

Leo Kivivali makes the argument for a all code written for human implants to be made open source so that bugs and vulnerabilities can be easily spotted and fixed by those concerned about the software.

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Yahoo scans incoming EmailsImage result for yahoo

The government appears to have compelled Yahoo to conduct precisely the type of general, suspicionless search that the Fourth Amendment was intended to prohibit.

A report that suggests that Yahoo allowed the U.S. Government to search all Yahoo email for a string of characters. The Yahoo security team discovered the software used to search emails within a few weeks of installation and initially thought Yahoo had been hacked such was the secrecy surrounding it. Read More here


The Future of Software Testing in the United States

A recent industry report on the shape of the software testing industry in the United States suggests that the market is still growing with strong promise for the international market. Read More here


Kraft Heinz path to Automated SuccessImage result for heinz

Our automation in our regression [test] inventory is 86%. Gartner had industry standards around 60%, so this is a great achievement. We have over 2,000 automated scripts. We’ve met with business partners and have 100% critical process coverage.

Speaking at the STARWest Conference this week, Aaron Katz, group lead for IT global testing spoke about how the company has changed its process to increase its test automation processes and increase automation generally over both development and testing.

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