Software Testing News: 30th July – 6th August 2016

Welcome to our weekly latest software testing news and Quotes of the Week from the testing field. This week in software testing news: Apple and Kaspersky Lab new bug bounty programmes, Winners of a software testing Competition and more.


Winners of Indian Software Testing Competition

The contest, which included three preliminary rounds tested the students’ skills in writing bug reports and test reports and also assessed their accuracy, speed and efficiency.

The winners of the latest Tata Sponsored software testing competition for students in India has just finished. The winners were announced as J Shyam Suganth and S Thamarai Selvan. In the final students were tested on their skills in Selenium, JMeter and Appium. Read More here


Kaspersky Lab Launch Bug Bounty ProgrammeThis week in software testing news

We feel as a security vendor that we have a higher level of responsibility to make sure our software is not an entry point for attacks

Ryan Naraine, director of the Global Research and Analysis Team U.S. at Kaspersky Lab states why the security company has decided to launch its own bug bounty programme. The announcement was made at the recent Black Hat USA Conference.  Read More here



Apple Enters The Bug Bounty FrayThis week in software testing news

Another company to start it’s own bug bounty programme, Apple have announced a bug bounty programme for this year. One caveat being that it is an invitation only programme. The pay out budget ranges from $50,000 to $200,000 depending on the area the bug is found in. Read More here




To Test or Not to TestThis week in software testing news

“It’s now about engaging those third-party testing organisations to see if we can’t have more of a cyber kill chain type method and understand their conviction process.”

Cylance has announced that the company will make its anti-virus software available for tests to help companies decide which anti-virus package they should purchase.

Read More here






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