Software Testing News: 27th August – 3rd September 2016

Welcome to our weekly latest software testing news and Quotes of the Week from the testing field. This week in current software testing news: how testing can make you ill, facebook announce testing lab and more.


Facebook Announce Testing LabImage result for Open Compute Project

We continue to add capabilities to meet the production requirements of enterprises rolling our private clouds and service providers deploying network functions virtualization,

Red Hat OpenStack general manager, Radhesh Balakrishnan, explains the background to their utilisation of the Open Compute Project (OCP) Test Lab, a project initiated by facebook. Facebook announced that Red Hat and Canonical Ltd had become the first companies to validate their own infrastructure on OCP hardware.  OCP was established to standardise across the industry  the implementation of open-source hardware development in the data centre. Read More here




Developing A Career for Aboriginal TestersImage result for plato testing

It’s just been fantastic, it really has been, from the communities all across Canada that have been calling and asking to be part of it

The Professional Aboriginal Testing Organization (PLATO) led by Keith McIntosh founder and CEO explains the reasons for forming the company. The company will aim to hire Canadian Aboriginals as software testers. The company are offering a six month course for people to train to beome software testers. Read More here



The Google Approach to Bug Bountiesandroid

In the last six months of 2015, we paid more than $200,000 to researchers for their work, including our largest single payment of $37,500 to an Android security researcher.

Adrian Ludwig, director of Android Security, explains the type of payments that have been paid out as part of the Android bug bounty programme. The programme has been in existence since 2015 and the company has been pleased with the results so far. Read More here


Software Bug Cause Physical Pain

At the office, I’m called ’the tester from hell’ because no matter what product I test, I always break things and find bugs

Can you relate? Boris Veldhuijzen Van Zanten explains why being both a perfectionist and a software tester is never a good match. Read More here


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