Software Testing News: 24th September – 1st October 2016

Welcome to our weekly latest software testing news and Quotes of the Week from the testing field. This week in current software testing news: Test automation certificates, Idendtify bugs in Windows and bug bounty’s; more trouble than they are worth?



Easily Identify Bugs in WindowsMicrosoft

Project Springfield works on binaries, with no source code or private symbols needed

Microsoft have revealed the details of Project Springfield. The new cloud based tool allows developers and testers to find bugs in Windows software by “combining ‘fuzz testing’, an automated way of testing code by throwing semi-random inputs at it, with artificial intelligence (AI).” It’s hope that the AI will help learn which code is more important to fix. Read More here



International Institute for Software Testing launches Test Automation CertificatesImage result for International Institute for Software Testing

The evolution of the field of test automation over the last ten years required us to restructure the existing Certified Software Test Automation Specialist certification (CSTAS) and to introduce a new advanced certification that focuses mainly on test automation architectures, strategies, and frameworks

The International Institute for Software Testing has just launched new certification for test automation. The courses are based on the increasing demand for test automation engineers. Read More here



Patching is the Answer

One of the biggest problems we find when these threats bypass [the AV] is they’re not patching often enough. Most of the time, if they had patched they would never have been infected in the first place.

Brian Soldato of NSS Labs, a security product testing organisation reveals why virus and malware are sometimes successful in getting through firewalls and bypassing computer protection software. Traditional Anti-virus software is on the way out and will be replaced by something different. Read More here


Bug Bounty’s Not A Good Thing?Image result for bug bounty

Before you run a marathon on a bug bounty program, you need to do the training of vulnerability discovery. It doesn’t make sense to start out with a bug bounty program

Bug bounty expert Katie Moussouris comments on the problems with bug bounty programmes. A recent report reveals that almost 60% of IT decision-makers say they found it was more expensive for them to fix security vulnerabilities  found through bug bounty programmes than it was to fix during the software development cycle. The survey also found that 80% of the 500 companies surveyed had a bug bounty programme. Read More here


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