Software Testing News: 22nd – 29th October 2016

Welcome to our weekly software testing news and Quotes of the Week from the testing field. Making your data safer using hackers, Facebook bug bounty payouts and more.



Bug Bounty’s Make Company’s Data Safer

They have realised the earlier in the process you have hackers engaged, the better off you will be

According to HackerOne CTO Alex Rice, Bug Bounty’s are a method of securing company’s data and making it safer. As well as that hiring hackers is a great way for a company to improve it’s security according to Rice. Read More here



The Country with the highest number of Facebook Bug Bounty Awards is…

This year, we added WhatsApp to our program, expanded payment options to include Bitcoin, and switched to an automated payment process so we can pay researchers faster”

Joey Tyson, a security engineer in the Facebook Bug Bounty team, explains how facebook has changed its processes recently to encourage more bug bounty hunts on its platform. Residents of India claimed the most money for bugs found in the first six months of this year with $611,741  being paid out. Read More here


Google’s Cloud Crashes AgainGoogle-logo

This change triggered a software bug which decoupled second-tier load balancers from a number of first-tier load balancers. The affected first-tier load balancers therefore had no forwarding path for incoming requests and returned the HTTP 502 code to indicate this

Google Cloud saw 45% of traffic to its cloud report Bad Gatways because of two errors. The Errors were quickly fixed and Google issued a statement soon after explaining the problem. Read More here


Microsoft Release New Camera App Update

Microsoft have just released an update to its camera app. The update fixes a number of bugs issues and has introduced a number of new changes including updated icons, timelapse feature and more. Read More here

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