Software Testing News: 16th – 23rd July 2016

Welcome to our weekly latest software testing news and Quotes of the Week from the testing field. This week Apple has a major bug, software testing collaborations, U.S. Defence Bug Hunting Competition and more.


Apple’s Major Security BugApple

This is very high severity issue


Craig Williams, senior technical lead and head of global outreach at Cisco Talos explains how important this bug is. The bug was discovered only recently but its importance has generated a lot of discussion recently. Read More here


The First All-Machine Defence TournamentDARPA Vector Logo

Today the comprehension [of] and reaction to unknown flaws in software is entirely manual

The U.S. Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency is bringing its Capture-the-Flag tournament for bug hunting machines. The event will be held on August 4th with seven teams competing for the prize.  Read More here


Fiat Chrysler start Bug Bounty Programme

We want to encourage independent security researchers to reach out to us and share what they’ve found so that we can fix potential vulnerabilities before they’re an issue for our consumers

Titus Melnyk, senior manager of security architecture for Fiat Chrylser explains why the company has launched the bug bounty programme. The programme will award payments from between  $150 to $1500 depending on the bug that is found. Finders also have to sign a non-disclosure agreement for the bugs that they find.

Read More here


Tricentis And Accenture Collaborate

Working together, we can disrupt traditional testing methods to help our clients deliver a seamless DevOps experience and thrive in the digital era.”

Software testing services company Tricentis has entered into an agreement with Accenture which will mean Tricentis Tosca Testsuite will be intergrated into Accenture’s application testing services. Read More here


WhitePaper on Insurance Testing

Insurers are finding that marrying that environment with a holistic approach to IT testing services program management is a match worth pursuing

Denise Garth, Senior Vice President of Strategic Marketing, Industry Relations and Innovation at Majesco explains why the company, a provider of global insurance software has published a white paper on Insurance Specific Testing Best Practices. Read More here


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