Software Testing News: 14th – 21st May 2016

Welcome to our weekly software testing Quotes of the Week and testing news where we bring you all the latest headlines related to software testing. Android exposes to major bug, new generation of software testers, adult content site bug bounty programme and more.


Adult Content Site Announces Bug Bounty Programme

Like other major tech players have been doing as of late, we’re tapping some of the most talented security researchers as a proactive and precautionary measure

The vice-president of PornHub, Corey Price announces the reason why the company has partnered with HackerOne to develop a bug bounty programme for the popular website. HackerOne is also working in conjunction with others like Snapchat, Slack and the U.S. Department of Defence. Bounty’s range from $50 to $25,000. Read more here


Android Phones exposed to Major Bugandroid_tools-257x300

This vulnerability allows a seemingly benign application to access sensitive user data including SMS and call history and the ability to perform potentially sensitive actions such as changing system settings or disabling the lock screen.

The most popular platform in the world is facing an issue with a software bug. The issues arises out of the Qualcomm software that power most Android phones. The bug would allow a user to access a phone remotely, read SMS and call history and possibly even more. Read More here


London Stock Exchange to Host Software Testing Conference

The EXTENT conference provides an open forum designed to share ideas and research carried out in the field of modern trading technology trends, software quality assurance, and regulation

Chris Corrado, Group Chief Operating Officer, LSEG explains the concept of the testing conference occurring at the London Stock Exchange in June. The event will be centred around software in the trading markets. Read More here


International Institute for Software Testing Announce Discount

““Our goal is to provide the software quality and testing community both national and internationally with the highest quality training in most convenient and most cost-effect manner

The International Institute for Software Testing (IIST) has just recently announced that the company will be discounting all courses leading to certification in software testing for the month of May. Read More here


U.S. Company Leads Way for new Generation of Software Testers

The strength of autism such as attention to detail, the ability to focus for long periods of time, technology skills, strong visuals, perception, all those fit beautifully with the task of software testing

As has been highlighted recently in this segment, a number of companies worldwide have recognised the aptitude of those with autism spectrum disorder for software testing. Another company in the U.S., Aspiritech who trains those with ASD in software testing skills has developed a number of testers that have gone on to work for major companies in the U.S. Read More here


Kovair Release Test Management Tool

In the world of agility, everybody talks about testing not being a mere phase anymore but an integral part of the lifecycle right from the beginning. For really achieving this, organizations need a central integrated test management tool along with a strategy and capabilities of extending its support for CI & CD

The company has just announced the release of  its enterprise-class software test management product – Kovair iTM.  Amit Dasgupta, Director – Product Management and Marketing at Kovair explains the company’s reasons for moving into this area.

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QA Mentor Acquires Abid Consulting

We have being doing our homework and due diligence for the last 6 months. This acquisition will provide us with ability to offer a test management solution to our current and future clients as part of our QA Audit and Process Improvement Services

QA Mentor has just made the acquisition of Abid Consulting, based in France.

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Docker’s Novel Bug Hunting Idea

One of the most important things in a secure software supply chain is making sure you are on top of patching. In some organizations, updating is a hard process and really difficult. I saw an opportunity with Docker to improve this process

Nathan McCauley, director of security at Docker explains why the company has developed a new approach to bug hunting.

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Images: Docker, Kovair, Google.

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