Seven Proven Ways to Ruin Your Test Automation

Seretta Gamba

Independent Consultant

There are plenty of books, blogs, talks etc. that teach how to do good test automation. The problem comes when trying to convince management to support these efforts. Showing them that what is being done right now in their company is exactly one of the disruptive methods I describe, usually gives them a beneficial jolt! By describing seven proven methods to destroy test automation I give managers, testers and automators not only the means to recognize early on if their automation is in danger, but by ‘warning’ against possible defences I will actually give them the tools to counter and…....

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About Me!

I have 40 years’ experience in software development and fifteen in test automation. After going through all the usual developer roles, in 2001 I was put in charge of test automation. I developed a framework that enabled my company to quickly get excellent results. Having talked about the framework in a couple of conferences she met Dorothy Graham and was invited to write a chapter in the book, Experiences of Test Automation. With Dorothy Graham she has been developing the Test Automation Patterns Wiki. In 2018 they have published a book about the patterns, ‘A Journey through Test Automation Patterns’

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