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Patterns for Automation Greatness

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After maintaining 3 projects on a daily basis I realized that I needed an easier way to write tests.

I didn’t want to look through the page objects that I had already created trying to find the right one. Or spend my time writing feature files now and then fill in the necessary step definitions later. I wanted to write the test once and have everything to fall in place. Using method chaining and cascading are the basis of the fluent pattern.

If you use these along with a few other development patterns, you can not only have a maintainable framework but one that is also enjoyable. Whether you are starting out your career or already a seasoned pro you will learn a few techniques and patterns that will make your day easier.

Key Takeaways:

    • Learn an easier way to write tests.
    • How to use method chaining and cascading
    • Learn techniques to make your day easier.

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Andrew Krug

Andrew found his calling early on in his career — test automation. He got his start at Ceridian HCM where he was a Quality Test Engineer working on a variety of projects; anywhere from large scale intranet upgrades to new feature development for Business Intelligence and Health Care initiatives. Since then he has held more positions in test automation. During his journey he has built test automation infrastructures at scale for both desktop browsers and mobile devices. As an active member of the Selenium Conference Andrew has to keep up his automation knowledge on a daily basis. Andrew is now currently consulting about automation, software development practices and utilizing the cloud to improve businesses at

Twitter: lazycoderio

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