Remaining Relevant & Employable: Tester Edition

Rob Lambert


Remaining Relevant and Employable is a book for those who want to find good jobs, up-skill and do well in an interview. In this sample eBook looks at the chapter called “Is there really a career in testing?” and argues that testing does have a bright future. There is also a chapter called “Learning” which will help you to learn complicated ideas quickly. The third and final chapter in this eBook will help you succeed in phone interviews. 3 Key Takeaways: Discover the bright future in testing Learn to structure your learning and some useful sources of information. Tips on how to…....

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About Me!

My name is Rob Lambert.  I’m a veteran Engineering Manager now working in HR, helping companies to create productive, happy and awesome teams capable of delivering great products. I used to blog at but I now blog

I’m an advocate for many important social causes, am obsessed with technology in society and have written a number of resources about testing, customer excellence and community building.

It’s my mission to inspire people to achieve great things in their careers and to take control of their own learning and self-development.

I am married with three wonderful sons and I live in historic Winchester, UK. In my spare time I help people create knockout job applications and give them the tools needed to upskill, project themselves well and perform well in interviews. I also like fast cars.

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