Quotes of the Week – 14th June 2014

We have done a round-up of some of the top testing quotes of the week as well as news and favourite tweets from the last week:

Tweetdeck gets hacked

Twitter user @derGeruhn exposed a bug in Tweekdeck this week by writing a script as a tweet that managed to get him over eighty thousand retweets.


“I was shocked when I saw that the script got executed. This is a mistake that no web developer should ever make.” – Florian


FIFA Website gets a healthcheck from Compuware

Andreas Grabner, technology strategist with Compuware APM who have used its monitoring tool to conduct a health check on the official FIFA desktop and mobile browser websites, to see what kind of experience visitors can expect to receive from them during the tournament.

“Our analysis indicates strongly that page load times could become very slow during the World Cup tournament, or the website may even crash if demand is very high

Compuware’s full analysis of the FIFA desktop and mobile browser website performance, can be found here.


The Future of Ordering Pizza


Pizza Hut are in the process of testing a new ordering system that means you don’t even have to leave your table to order. One cool feature includes a countdown timer to when your pizza is ready. Read more here.

Windows bug-testing software cracks stem cell programs

World-class stem cell scientists and a world-class computer company have found common ground. It is work at such interfaces that brings the big breakthroughs

Chris Mason, a regenerative medicine specialist at University College London explains how software used to keep bugs out of Microsoft Windows programs has aided research to understand how stem cells decide what type of tissue to become.

14 year olds hack an ATM

We thought it would be fun to try it, but we were not expecting it to work

14 year old Matthew Hewlett explains how he and his friend Caleb Turon hacked a ATM with a old manual and guessing the password of “123456”

C and C++ is getting on people’s nerves

Frank Cohen (@fcohen) founder and CTO at PushToTest really does’nt like C or C++ this week.


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