Quotes of the Week & Software Testing News – September 20th 2014

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On this week’s Quotes of the Week, HP announce a new cloud based testing platform, a bug halts IoS, there is a bug bounty debates online and what people searched for most during the Scottish referendum.



HP announces new cloud based Testing Platform

As enterprises continue to migrate applications and solutions to the cloud, they need to ensure that the performance of their applications will not degrade as the volume of users increases” –  Raffi Margaliot, general manager, Application Delivery Management, HP Software.

Raffi Margaliot goes into detail about HP’s new testing product StormRunner, a product that provides a cloud-based platform for application quality testing and delivery. The system is currently being delivered via  Amazon Web Services but this is planned to be extended to other cloud services in the future. Read more about it here.


Bugs in Apple

“We discovered a bug that prevents us from making HealthKit apps available on iOS 8 today” – Apple Spokeperson

The launch of Apple’s latest version of IoS (IoS 8.0) was delayed this week after a bug in the operating system meant that some apps were disappearing in the App store. The bug relates to the new HealthKit platform, one of the most prominent features of the new operating system. The platform allows users to send details of their workouts, dieting and other fitness metrics to the Health app, where they are displayed in a one-stop overview. To integrate themselves with this new app, developers of standalone fitness apps have been working on versions to work with this new app. However this bug seems to make these apps disappear.


The bug Bounty Debate

The problem is that quite often crowds of young hackers use a dozen of vulnerability scanners simultaneously to fuzz the victim betting on the quantity rather than quality of security checks.” –  Ilia Kolochenko, CEO , High-Tech Bridge

Ilia Kolochenko CEO of High-Tech Bridge,a Swiss penetration testing firm,  comments on the merits of a bug-bounty programme for large software companies. He argues that these bug hunters could do damage by bad testing and damage the code of a website. On the other hand, Kate Knibbs recently wrote in Gizmodo that Apple are one of the last large software based companies not to have a bug bounty programme and argues for the benefits of having a programme.


The important issues of the Scottish Referendum

The most searched terms for Scotland and Wales include ‘not a country’ and ‘not a real country

For the week that was in it, here is a nice line-up by Ampp3d, (a data journalism section of the Guardian) on what people in Britain were Googleing in the build up to the vote on Thursday. Some very important issues on peoples minds. You can view the full list here.

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