Quotes of The Week: 7th -14th November 2015

Welcome to this week’s Quotes of the Week: some great testing quotes, some company’s don’t want to know about bugs and what is the best bug tracking software out there?


10 Great Quotes on Testing

When debugging, novices insert corrective code;experts remove defective code.

Mahesh Kulkarni has compiled a list of the best testing quotes around. A lot of them do seem to be appropriate for the profession. Read More here


What is the best bug Tracking Software out there?

Mac Users Forced to Delete and Reinstall software

While some people have fixed the problem by simply disconnecting and reconnecting to the Mac App Store, others say the only reliable solution is to reinstall all of the affected apps. In some cases, a reboot also seems to do the trick.

An issues caused by an expires security cert to verify apps has caused a lot of Mac users to delete and re-install the apps that they have downloaded from the Apple store. The bug was first discovered by  developer Paul Haddad. Read More here


How Finding A Bug Gave Two Students A New Career

What started as a hobby for Shikhil and Ananda, who are both 21 now, has led to the setup of the first startup by students studying in the university.”

University students Shikhil Sharma and Ananda Krishna found a bug in Yahoo webiste two years ago. THey reported it to Yahoo! and were rewarded with $1,000 dollars each. This spurred the NIIT University students to launch a start-up; Czar Securities which has led them to recently winning the Top Technology Innovation award at 6th All China University Software Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition. Their software help SME’s to secure their websites against hacker attacks.  Read More here



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