Quotes of The Week: 6th – 12th September 2015

Welcome to this week’s Quotes of the Week: North Korea targets South Korea with software bug, software testing with cars and more.


IBS Wins Testing Project of The Year

Lufthansa Cargo is an innovative, Tier 1 global cargo provider, and the iCAP program is possibly the largest and the most challenging IT transformation initiative in the air cargo industry.

The “Conference on Next Generation Testing 2015”  was held in Bangalore, India recently. Amongst the awards presented at their India Testing Awards ceremony was the Testing Project of the Year. The winner was announced was IBM. The comapny won the Award for providing Independent Testing, both functional and non-functional, for Lufthansa Cargo’s IT transformation initiative, named iCAP.  Read More here


North Korea May Have Targeted South Korea with Word Processor Bug

While not conclusive, the targeting of a South Korean proprietary word processing software strongly suggests a specific interest in South Korean targets..and based on code similarities and infrastructure overlap, FireEye Intelligence assesses that this activity may be associated with North Korea-based threat actors.

A comment from the security research firm FireEye whose researchers Genwei Jiang and Josiah Kimble on Thursday released evidence that suggests North Korea attempted cyber sabotage by to intruding on South Korea Business networks by exploiting a bug in the popular Hangul Word Processor, a South Korean programme that’s popular with the country’s businesses. Any user who opened infected HWP files unknowingly granted monitoring programs access to their machines. Read More here


The Potential For Software Bugs in Cars

Now, more than ever, software quality needs to be at the top of the list for major auto brands looking to preserve – and elevate – brand status. Statistics show that more than 50 percent of auto recalls are now due to software bugs, not mechanical issues,, according to GeekWire.  With an industry average of 1 bug per thousand lines of code, the average car has 10,000 latent bugs.

A report by John Paliotta on the dangers of badly written software for cars and what types of testing can be used to reduce the amount of bugs in the industry.                   Read More here


Hackers show patience in Attempting to Discover FireFox Vulnurabilities

It is technically possible that any of these bugs could have been used to attack Firefox users in the vulnerability window

The Mozilla Foundation announced this week that their Firefox Bugzilla bug-tracking software could have been compromised for up to two years which would mean that hackers had access to Firefox not disclosed to the public that Mozilla are attempting to fix. A total of 53 “severe vulnerabilities” could have been exposed to the hackers. Read More here


WhatsApp Bug could Affect 200 Million Users

Bearing in mind that WhatsApp is a cross-platform mobile messaging app, the chances of you opening a vCard sent to you is quite high.

Mark James, a specialist at security firm ESET comments on the news of the WhatsApp Bug. Only users of the web version of the app were affected. The vulnerability could mean hackers could distribute malware or ransomware to users. Read More here


Gov hires people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder as Testers in New Training Programme

We have seen the benefits of this program for the individuals through their higher earning capacity and reduced reliance on carers, for business through productive and committed employees, and for government by lowering welfare dependency and increasing participation.

The Human Services Department of the Australian government has hired people with autistic spectrum disorder in a three year training programme. The programme aims to give people with ASD career opportunities in IT. Read More here.

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