Qualibrate at EuroSTAR

Qualibrate: making testing superheroes

Qualibrate will exhibit at EuroSTAR 2018. Come and visit us at booth #30 and book your QA session with our experts.

During the event you will be able to see how simple it is to automate a Business Process with Qualibrate in just 15 minutes. Qualibrate is so easy to use that anyone can automate a script. We make testing superheroes!

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Qualibrate: Test Automation and beyond for SAP and Web applications

We are SaaS solution provider for Test Automation: Qualibrate is the 3-in-1 cloud solution that helps teams accelerate software delivery. With Qualibrate you can run test automation, create business process documentation and end-user training, in minutes.

Simply record your business process and achieve the 3 deliverables:

  1. Test automation and accelerated manual testing. Ensure the right level or quality is never compromised. Qualibrate offers the ultimate test automation solutions and supports accelerated manual testing.
  2. Lean process documentation. With Qualibrate you can create your business process documentation that is lean, relevant and simple to create yet easy to maintain.
  3. Virtual training. With Qualibrate you can easily create interactive trainings. Screen simulation, business data and team conversations ensure new users hit the ground running.


Qualibrate features

Qualibrate is a SaaS solution that is quick to deploy, simple to use and easy to maintain. Qualibrate empowers your team to deliver faster.

All you need to do is record your Business Process which will become your unique source of truth. With this single centralized recording you can easily create regression tests, Business Process Documentation and even Interactive Training for end-users. Qualibrate also supports you accelerating manual testing expediting customers through User Acceptance Testing.






Let’s analyze Qualibrate based on the key features for a test automation tool:

  • Ease of developing and maintaining the script. With Qualibrate you can automate a Business Process in as little as 15 minutes (watch the demo here). All the steps recorded automatically have clear understandable descriptions, screenshots, are automatically parameterised and a default data set is created for you. Simple.
  • Ease of use for a non-technical user. Qualibrate requires no coding skills to create automated scripts. That doesn’t mean that you can’t customize your script. With Qualibrate you are really flexible: it can be used both by technical and non-technical users.
    Which testing types does it support? Qualibrate supports unit, integration, functional and regression tests.
  • Cross-browser testing. Qualibrate supports multiple browsers.
  • Technical support. We are a team of QA experts also delivering services. We know the daily challenges of quality assurance, that is why we offer our expertise to help you start and succeed with test automation.
  • Input test data. Qualibrate is a data-driven platform. The values you enter during recordings are captured for that step and act as an input parameter. You can easily view and modify these parameter values directly in the web platform.
    You can also choose to provide a different source for the test data that can act as an input. Here are the options.

    1. Excel: Using the import functionality for data management you can import data from an excel file and create iterations that will run repeatedly to create the test data.
    2. API: Qualibrate has an open API (Application Programming Interface) that allows the test data to be populated for any test case.
    3. As part of the ongoing CD/CI(Continuous Delivery/Continuous Integration) method of working, Qualibrate can be integrated with tools like Attunity and other release orchestration tools. These tools can slice and dice data pulled from production and pass it on to Qualibrate using the API.
  • Object recognition and mapping. The Qualibrate recorder automatically recognizes objects and picks the proper method to map them. You don’t need any technical knowledge to know which user action has to be used for which object, as this is determined by Qualibrate during recording. Once the recording is done, you have the option to change the user action and test data. You can choose the method you prefer by using ID, name, class, link and xpath.
  • Test Report: dashboards within Qualibrate are easy and quick to understand.
  • Team conversations: you can chat with your colleagues within Qualibrate for an easy collaboration. No more emails, just things done, quickly.
  • Integrations. We have an open API that you can use to customize your own integration.
    Using Qualibrate’s CLI (Command Line Interface), Qualibrate can be integrated with any tool. You can use it to invoke execution of test scenarios on any machine connected to Qualibrate.
  • GDPR Compliant test data. Thanks to Gold Client integration we are able to provide scrambled and masked business data for SAP systems. Read about it here.
  • Cloud-based. Qualibrate is cloud-based: no need to download it, just log in and access the latest version online. Your data will be safely stored on our online repository.

Your ROI with Qualibrate

Money spent in QA necessitates a justified Return On Investment (ROI). Unfortunately, most organizations have very few means for calculating it. Use the Qualibrate ROI Calculator we created, based upon years of testing and consulting experience, to find out how much time and money you can save.


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For more information about Qualibrate at EuroSTAR visit this page.

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