How to optimize the Testing Process and Reduce Development Costs

Testing is an important part of the development process, as it helps developers to fix potential issues that might cause poor user experience or functional difficulties. In order to market a product with success, and avoid loss of revenue, one should always try to perform all the necessary testing before the product hits the shelves.

According to research, testing and fixing bugs while the software is live can be costly and have long-term consequences for the company. In addition, performing too many tests before the software is released can stall the project and lead to increased spending of money and time.

It’s because of these reasons that testing should be optimized for cost-efficiency, and resource consumption. In order to help you optimize your testing process, here are a couple of tips you should think about implementing.


Don’t wait until it’s all done

The longer it takes to identify a problem the more difficult it would be to fix the issue. It’s best to start tests in an early stage of the development simply because it’s easier to notice potential warning signs and avoid future problems that you would have to focus on later. The inclusion of the testing crew from the beginning of the development process is essential for regression testing later, especially if the software has a wide functionality.


Manage human resources effectively

People have different skill sets, it’s important to match team members with tasks that suit their skills the best. In case you don’t have the manpower or time to conduct tests strictly within your team, then it would be best to outsource pieces of the project so the rest of your team could work without pressure. Productivity heavily relies on a person’s physical state, too much pressure reduces productivity and creates space for errors, according to research.


Choose proper testing models

There are various testing models out there, and all of them have their upsides and downsides. Also, not all testing models have the same potency with different types of software, development strategies, the company’s business agenda, deadlines, etc. Look for best practices and figure out which testing model best suits your current purpose. The same goes with the testing tools you decide to use.

Avoid over-testing

There is such thing as too much testing, especially when the entire project is waiting and you’re creating a bottleneck which is threatening to kill the project. It’s important to have a plan, a clear testing strategy that will follow the project best interest. If you spend too much time working on fixing issues that are not essential to the success of the development process or have no influence in terms of user experience or marketability, it’s best to leave that issue for later and focus on the bigger fish.

Cutting testing times is also manageable with automated testing. In case you don’t have automated solutions it’s far more cost-effective to have an engineer develop automated tests than hire a person that has to spend time getting to know the system specifications and project requirements.



Although it might seem like an unpopular measure, software companies are beginning to realize the benefits of hiring a third-party software testing team. Recent statistics show that more than 53 per cent of startups in 2017 decided to delegate portions of their projects to freelancers or other companies which enabled a low-cost testing process.

Testing is now, more than ever, essential for the progress of the entire company. The market is vast and the competition is just waiting for your seatback. Nowadays testing requires experts that can handle anything you put on the table in the shortest amount of time possible. If your team doesn’t include testing department, responsible for anything else but making sure every issue is detected, outsourcing might be your best option. To put things into perspective, according to some numbers, outsourcing can save up to 25 per cent of testing costs.

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Software development is a complex process that includes a wide array of challenges that threaten the success of the project. Optimization of each aspect of the development process, especially testing, keeps the company safe from unnecessary costs and marketability issues that could lead to existential problems. Therefore, it seems like a logical idea to constantly work on perfecting each segment of the production process. These pieces of advice are there to help you optimize your testing process, however, it is up to you to find new and cost-effective ideas that will benefit the future of your enterprise.


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