On This Day – October 8th

Apple settles with Apple and Stanley completes the Stanford Racing Team.  All on today’s On This Day from Huddle.



1991 – Apple settles with Applethe-beatles-vs-apple-computer

Apple Computer settles the second lawsuit brought against it by Apple Corps, the record label of the famous band, The Beatles. The first suit was brought against the computer manufacturer for using the Apple brand name in 1981. It was agreed then that Apple Computer would stay out of the music business. This second suit was filed in February 1989, after Apple Computer released Apple IIGS, Mac Plus, Mac SE, and Mac II systems. All these systems included MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) synthesizers, which Apple Corps felt felt violated the 1981 settlement. Apple Computers settled with a payment of $26.5 million to Apple Corp. A third suit would later occur when Apple Computer announced iTunes.





2005 – Stanley completes the DARPA Grand Challengestanley1

An autonomous robotic Volkswagen Touareg R5 named “Stanley,” created by the Stanford Racing Team, wins the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge. The race was designed for robotic vehicles to try complete a 132 mile off-road desert driving course southwest of Las Vegas in Nevada without human intervention. Of the twenty-three vehicles entered into the competition, only four others completed the course under the prescribed ten hour time limit.



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