On This Day: October 26th

The London Ambulance system fails and The Klez worm is brought to prominence.  All on today’s On This Day from TEST Huddle.



1992 – Ambulance Centre FailureLondon Ambulance

The computer system responsible for routing ambulances in the greater London metropolitan area fails on this day (a Monday) in 1993. The London Ambulance system was the largest system in the world servicing 500 patients a day. The system that failed had just been introduced to increase automation. However no testing of the new system has been done as it was rushed through. The system remains inoperative through the end of the next day.









2001 –  The Klez WormKlex WormKlex Worm

The Klez worm was first identified by F-Secure. By exploiting Internet Explorer’s Trident layout engine, Klez infected Windows systems, further distributing itself and notably slowing down infected systems.







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