On This Day: November 5th

A new internet speed record is set and Google introduce Android. All on today’s On This Day from TEST Huddle.



2004 – An Internet Speed RecordInternet Speed

The internet speed record is beaten by a new 10 gigabit Ethernet link between the University of Tokyo and the CERN research centre in Geneva, Switzerland.  The line named T110 delivered a sustained 7.57Gbps throughput running standard 1500-byte Ethernet packets over a single TCP connection across an 11,490 mile link using a uni-processor AMD Opteron system on each end of the connection. The connection is fast enough to transfer a full-length DVD in less than five seconds. The record has recently been beaten by a group of researchers in the Netherlands and the U.S. where the speed was 255 terabits per second.






2008 – Google Introduce Androidandroid

Google introduces Android, it’s mobile operating system. The operating system is quickly adapted by a number of company’s including Samsung and HTC for their smartphone products. It’s based upon a modified version of the Linux kernel.

Klex Worm




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