On This Day: November 18th

Atari Jaguar is released and NASA improve Internet coverage in space All on today’s On This Day from TEST Huddle.



1993 – Atari Jaguar is releasedSONY DSC

Atari releases the Atari Jaguar videogame console in the U.S. Promoted as the “first 64-bit system,”, the system features 2MB RAM and five processors residing in three chips. Two of chips, dubbed Tom and Jerry, are proprietary. The third chip is a Motorola 68000 coprocessor. The system supports games stored on cartridges with capacities up to 6MB each as well as CD-ROM. The system will be marketed under the slogan “Do the Math” and a campaign that claims superiority over competing 16-bit systems. Retailing at a price of $249.99, the system sold reasonably well until both Sega and Sony launched their new consoles. Sales for the Jaguar quickly slumped such that by 1996 the company had 100,000 spare consoles in stock. Much of the blame for the lack of success for the console was placed on that complicated keypad.








2008 – NASA work on Internet coverage in SpaceNASA_logo.svg

In the U.S. NASA successfully tests the first deep space communications network using disruption-tolerant networking (DTN) software. The system will allows NASA to extend the reach of the Internet into outer space for the first time. The results will mean easier communication from the International Space Station to earth.






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