On This Day – July 11th

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Every day Test Huddle brings you the key computer related historical events that occurred on this day in history including  births and deaths of notable personalities, software and hardware releases, events, notable news stories and more.

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1927 – Theodore Maiman


The man who created the first laser, Thomas Maiman was born on this day in Los Angleas, California. Maiman was a graduate of Colorado and Standford Universities. In 1956, Maiman started working for the Atomic Physics Department of the Hughes Aircraft Company on prjects for the U.S. Army Signal Corps. The success of this work led him to persuaded Hughes management to support him on his laser prject, which they did.  On May 16, 1960,  at the Hughes labs in California, a solid-state pink ruby laser emitted mankind’s first coherent light—with rays.  The birth of the laser. 




2008 –  The End of Testing as We Know It

james whitaker

Somewhat apt for this daily blog post, James Whitaker in 2008 presented a webinar on the issues of the future of testing.  View the webinar here.





2008 – Iphone 3g

ihpone 3g

The fist iPhone 3g’s go on sale today. The phone that introduced the App Store to Apple customers was released worldwide in 8gb or 16gb versions.  Some people had been queueing since July 5th for its release as previously mentioned here.






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