On This Day: January 18th

The Beginnings of the first Automatic Computer and AltaVista reduce staff. All on today’s On This Day from TEST Huddle.



1938 – The Beginnings of the first Automatic Computer

Harvard Mark 1

J.W. Bryce writes a memorandum outlining the development of the Harvard Mark I, which, upon completion in 1944, will be the first fully automatic computer. It will be capable of computing three additions or subtractions a second and storing seventy-two numbers in its memory.







2001 – AltaVista reduce staffaltaVista

In a sign of the times for the once dominant search engine, AltaVista announces its intentions to cut about a quarter of its workforce, or about two hundred employees. AltaVista was once the most popular search engine but has now been taken over by Google.






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