On This Day in Tech History: June 29th

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Acknowledging the major events in Computer and Technology History; On this day shares the most important computer events that occurred on this day in history. Today we feature the IBM ACSI and the iPhone is released.


2000 – IBM launch its Fastest ComputerIBM asci white technology history

IBM unveils the fastest computer in the world, the ASCI White. The name comes from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative (ASCI) whom the computer was developed for. The machine is capable of processing 12.3 teraflops, or 12.3 trillion operations per second. with 8,192 IBM RS6000 SP Power3 processors each run at 375 MHz. The system features a total of 6Tb of RAM and more than 160TB of Serial Disk System capacity. Housed in over two hundred cabinets, the system fills a large room the size of two basket ball courts and weighs 106 tons.


2007  – iPhone Releasedapple_iphone1 1st generation technology history

On this day in 2007, Apple releases the iPhone to throngs of waiting customers who camped in line outside Apple and AT&T stores around the U.S. First announced by Steve Jobs in January of that year, the iPhone will come to be considered one of the most anticipated product releases in history, despite its exorbitant price tag. The phone retails at $600 upon its launch.


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